Music! I have some on bandcamp, soundcloud, musicoin.


The creatively named Websynth is a browser based synthesiser. Works with MIDI controllers, and has various different synthesis methods, like bytebeat, and soon I'm going to merge the Inverse Fourier Transform based synthesis from this project into it.

I've been working on AudioToaster, a tool for loading DIYLC layouts into ACME.jl. It sort of worked for a while, now it doesn't, I hope to get it sort of working again soon.

Rainbow Machine is a thing for making a Launchpad MKII flash pretty colours and show words on it.

Rednoise, a tracker for the Redshift virtual console from Exapunks.


Bathroom Attendant is a VR experience, I guess? You stand in a public toilet, no, I don't know why I made it either.

I made a few Godot projects. This is my, where you can play Mad Rocket Fitba, my 2D Rocket League ripoff totally original concept, and A Game Without Camels, where you are a ball bouncing in a colourful place.


I have made various forks of Shiffman projects, go watch The Coding Train

Shaders! Here is my Shadertoy profile. I mostly use them to make music, the exact thing they are not designed for whatsoever.

I'm on Dwitter and Codier


I design/print 3D objects. My Thingiverse profile

I make guitar pedals and various Arduino projects, which at some point I will document as web pages, until then you'll just have to take my word for it.